Triple VNC

James Raftery james at
Tue Jul 13 03:39:00 PDT 2004

On Sun, Jul 11, 2004 at 11:04:15PM +0200, Bruno Czekay wrote:
> I wanted to make some tests between (Real) VNC, TightVNC and TridiaVNC 
> servers (run on FreeBSD) against their clients, installed both on 
> FreeBSD and Windows. But every package installs itself as Xvnc, 
> vncserver, vncviever etc. Wouldn't it be more useful, if enhanced 
> versions installed themselves as Xvnc-tight and Xvnc-tridia?

Nice idea - it probably would be useful.

I think that adding a wrapper port and then mucking about with
which-port-depends-on-which is a degree of complication not really warranted
for such a simple problem.

I would propose adding a knob that would install the components of each port
that normally have conflicting names instead with unique names. This has the
added advantage of not changing any port's behaviour for the majority of users
who won't need to do this.

Now, `cd /usr/ports/net/tightvnc; make install' gives vncviewer, vncserver,

Something like: `make -DWITH_UNIQUE_NAMES install' might give vncviewer-tight,
vncserver-tight, etc.

Does that sound reasonable?

On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 12:34:14AM -0400, Tom McLaughlin wrote:
> I took a look at doing a port for vino (being in a VNC sort of mood) and
> ran into how I could explicitly set a dependency on vnc over tightvnc or
> tridiavnc and make sure that a previously installed tight/tridiavnc
> wasn't satisfying the dependency.

Hmm. If ${PREFIX}/bin/vncserver-real exists, use it. If not, and
${PREFIX}/bin/vncserver does, maybe use pkg_info to get the name of the
port/package that owns it. If it's the wrong VNC, either add a dependency
or prompt the user to install RealVNC.

> Last problem I can see is tridiavnc uses share/vnc as does vnc.  The
> tighvnc package fortunately uses share/tightvnc.  The first two would
> have to be reconciled.

Good point. That clash should be resolved regardless of any other changes.

I would like to get RealVNC 4 into ports, but it's proving difficult. The new
VNC server build process is being very uncooperative. Also on my list is to
massage the non-i386 build fixes commited a while back for RealVNC over to get
TightVNC and TridiaVNC compiling on non-i386 systems.

Patches to get any of those done, or to make the unique names happen are very

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