Triple VNC

Tom McLaughlin tmclaugh at
Mon Jul 12 18:37:56 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 12:09, Cyrille Lefevre wrote:
> "Tom McLaughlin" <tmclaugh at> wrote:
> > On Sun, 2004-07-11 at 17:04, Bruno Czekay wrote:
> [snip]
> > The first problem I see is you install the tightvnc package and it
> > creates bin/vncviewer which is a symlink to bin/vncviewer-tight and then
> > you install realvnc.  I believe that if you overwrite the existing
> > symlink you will overwrite the symlink target.  So by installing
> > realvnc's bin/vncviewer you will overwrite tightvnc's
> > bin/vncviewer-tight.  I haven't tried this with any ports, simply
> > copying files around and copying to the symlink overwrote the target
> > file.
> a well done package could easily handle this issue by first removing the
> symlink and by installing its own one. a better way would be to install
> all of them using a separate name and to have a separate startup script
> for each of them w/ separate startup variables for the server side, and
> to have a wrapper for the client side as for mozilla.
> <snip>

Okay, would the wrapper script then be bin/vncviewer?  Which package
owns the script and what happens if the owner package is removed, how
does that affect the other vnc versions installed?

Personally I tend to be leery of anything fancy in ports to make them
play nice with others.  That's my bias there.  Thanks.  :)


> Cyrille Lefevre.

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