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Mon Jul 12 14:26:41 PDT 2004

On July 12, 2004 02:18 pm, eternal wrote:
> is there a port for freebsd that is similar to filehound for windoze?
>  i remember "back in the day" when if i had a lot of http linked
> files that i wanted to download, i would open up filehound, and it
> would store a queue of the links that i right clicked on and chose
> "copy shortcut". then in the app, u could control how many
> simultanious downloads there would be, as well as a bandwidth
> throttle control.  i'm only writing this because i just had to sit
> and babysit the download manager thru 1.4 gigs worth of hebrew
> instructional mp3s...  i would have really liked it to be able to
> queue them up and forget it.  i bet there probebly is a port for
> this, but, im still rather new to alot of the available ports...  any
> help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Don't know about a separate port that provides a download manager (never 
went looking for one), but the kdenetwork port includes KGet which can 
be run either as a separate daemon that watches the KDE clipboard, or 
integrated as part of Konqueror.  The few times I played with it, it 
was nifty.  Reminded me of GetRight back when it was worth using.  Then 
I got a fast Internet connection and haven't had to worry about 
download managers.  :)
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