Adding original vi to ports?

Rudolf Polzer divzero at
Sun Jul 11 22:21:23 PDT 2004

»José de Paula« <espinafre at> wrote:
> Is there any chance that original vi (,
> thanks to Gunnar Ritter)? His last version compiles right out of the
> box on FreeBSD 5.2.1-p9. Now we have the real thing...

BTW, I could easily notice that nvi is NOT "bug for bug" compatible to

Once I wrote a BrainF*** interpreter in vi macros to prove they are
Turing complete. It ran perfectly on nvi, but vi seemed to "forget"
marks (m command). This forgetting behavior changed after I interpreted
the first level macro by hand, typing in its expansion.

nvi, however, worked perfectly with this, same with vim and elvis.
However, elvis was the slowest vi clone for that macro set, and vim was
the fastest. viper was right out (it does not support :map the same way
vi does, therefore cannot interpret an .exrc file or the like without

But please do not copy this bug to nvi - first goal should be a usable
editor (which it currently is) and not copying every single bug, even
those you cannot use deliberately in macros (there's no use of
forgetting a mark in a macro since you cannot check for it anyway -
except for making the macro halt when the mark is not there any more -
but who uses such ugly macros for normal editing?).

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