Triple VNC

Bruno Czekay bruno at
Sun Jul 11 14:03:57 PDT 2004


I wanted to make some tests between (Real) VNC, TightVNC and TridiaVNC 
servers (run on FreeBSD) against their clients, installed both on 
FreeBSD and Windows. But every package installs itself as Xvnc, 
vncserver, vncviever etc. Wouldn't it be more useful, if enhanced 
versions installed themselves as Xvnc-tight and Xvnc-tridia?

I do understand, that not many people install all those packages, and 
maybe they want to have just 'vncserver' on their systems, not 
'vncserver-some-extra-crap'. In this case, Makefile for enhanced version 
can test, if there exist "official" vnc binary - if not, enhanced 
version is symlinked to it.

This would also require patching Xvnc (as this a perl script). If you 
consider it useful, I can send appropriate patches.

Best regards

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