about ethereal and security fixes

Robert Nagy robert at bsd.hu
Sat Jul 10 15:52:03 PDT 2004

Hi. I've a little question about ethereal. Now that the have
released ethereal-0.10.5 which is a security fix. They previus
release 0.10.4 was a security fix too. If you check
you can see that there are two PRs about it. 

#66766 Mon May 17 10:40:00 PDT 2004
#68819 Thu Jul 08 14:20:24 GMT 2004

The second is only two days old, but the first one was submitted in May!
It was assigned to the maintainer (billf at freebsd.org). But the port
is till at version 0.10.3. I wonder why the others don't care of this.
I don't know how many other port suffer from this, but this is not 
a good state. If the maintiner is a slacker, please go and commit it with
a "maintiner timeout" note. Come on! Security fixes are important.

Robert Nagy

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