Came up with error

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Thu Jul 8 23:29:22 PDT 2004

# elarsen2 at / 2004-07-08 19:52:27 -0500:
> ...-please wait ... "Makefile",line21: Could not 
> find /usr/ports/japanese/gd1/../../graphics/gd1/Makefile
> make: fatal errors encountered -- can not continue
> ===> japanese/gd1 failed
> ***Error code 1 
> 1 error...
> I do not want anything from the japanese port installed. The only way around
> this is to "#japanese in the Makefile under /usr/ports/
> Again my Freebsd version is 4.10, and the /usr/make.conf is attached. I do
> not know exactly what you want for the ports configuration.

    You should have been presented with a few lines of text saying that
    index builds are only supported with a complete ports tree. Try the
    fetchindex target instead.

If you cc me or remove the list(s) completely I'll most likely ignore
your message.    see

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