Userspace ReiserFS

Bruce Chiarelli mano15 at
Thu Jul 8 03:15:17 PDT 2004

I posted this message to NetBSD's current-users list the other 
case anyone's interested.

>This probably doesn't go here, but reiserfstool from 
> compiles and runs 
>cleanly on NetBSD, allowing read-only access to ReiserFS slices. Perhaps 
>someone should add this to pkgsrc-wip.
>To compile:
>unzip rfstool-0.14[.zip]
>cd rfstool-0.14/RFSTOOL
>make -f makefile.gcc3x
>The resulting rfstool binary runs perfectly on -current.
It's already in pkgsrc (per se) thanks to Alistair Crooks. The same code 
*should* work under FreeBSD. Feel free to CC this message to whatever 
list might be more appropriate.

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