new port: gpsmanshp

John Hay jhay at
Wed Jul 7 23:54:34 PDT 2004


I have made a port of GPSManSHP. You can read more about GPSManSHP at:

The port is at:

GPSManSHP is a tcl "wrapper" for devel/shapelib. Its main use at the
moment is with GPSMan (astro/gpsman). It enables GPSMan to import and
export shapefiles (.shp). When GPSMan starts, it will check if
GPSManSHP is available and load it. If it is not available, GPSMan
will just grey out the shapefile options in the import and export

So my question is where in the ports tree do I put GPSManSHP? The
places I think might be suitable:

devel/		- this is also where shapelib on which it depends, lives.
graphics/	- shapefiles are vector graphics files.
astro/		- where GPSMan (its main/only user) lives.

My preferences are devel/ or astro/ because that is where I think people
will look for it... I think. :-)

John Hay -- John.Hay at / jhay at

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