portsdb -Uu -> dependency list incomplete -> Stop

Ewald Jenisch a at jenisch.at
Wed Jul 7 00:49:47 PDT 2004

After cvsup-ing the ports, doing a "pkgdb -F" I ran "portsdb -Uu".

However this one failed with the following symptoms:

# portsdb -Uu
Updating the ports index ... Generating INDEX.tmp - please wait..twig-2.7.7_1: "
www/mod_php4-twig" non-existent -- dependency list incomplete
===> www/twig failed
*** Error code 1
1 error

Before reporting this error, verify that you are running a supported
version of FreeBSD (see http://www.FreeBSD.org/ports/) and that you
have a complete and up-to-date ports collection (INDEX builds are
not supported with partial or out-of-date ports collections).  If
so, then report the failure to ports at FreeBSD.org together with
relevant details of your ports configuration (including FreeBSD
version, environment and /etc/make.conf settings).

*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports.
failed to generate INDEX!
portsdb: index generation error

I havent' done anything related to upgrading ports, esp. I didn't run
portupgrade etc. after that

To make sure it isn't a temporary problem I did the whole cycle again
after about 18 hours (cvsup, pkgdb, portsdb -Uu), but again portsdb
-Uu failed with the same exact symptoms.

I'm running 4.10 (4.10-STABLE FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE), my /etc/make.conf
looks like this:

# cat /etc/make.conf
CFLAGS= -O -pipe
# WRKDIRPREFIX=/mnt/test/Beastie
# -- use.perl generated deltas -- #
# Created: Thu Jun  3 13:37:53 2004
# Setting to use base perl from ports:

Also note that I didn't change anything to the original
"ports-supfile" besides using a more local official FreeBSD-mirror
site (ftp2.at.freebsd.org).

Has anybody else seen these problems with portsdb -Uu

What can be done against it?

Thanks much in advance for your help,

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