Ports with version numbers going backwards: lang/ifc

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Tue Jul 6 15:30:03 PDT 2004

Brian Reichert wrote:

> On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 01:41:18PM -0400, chkversion wrote:
>> ** The following ports have a version number that sorts before a 
>> previous one **
>> ...
>> - *lang/ifc* <maho at FreeBSD.org>: ifc-8.0.046.p049.1 < ifc-8.0.046
> How is this sort being done? ...

Basically 3.b1 = 3beta1, so `number dot letter' sorts *before* number. A 
possible alternative for the case above would be ifc-, 
which sorts after ifc-8.0.046. Try

   pkg_version -t 8.0.046


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