New ports collection makefile for: sattrack

Diane Bruce db at
Mon Jul 5 05:03:30 PDT 2004


It appears we have a semi mis-categorised port here.
sattrack is currently under astro unlike two other packages predict, gpredict
which do pretty much the same thing but which are in comms. All three packages
predict, gpredict and sattrack are used by Amateur Radio Operators
for satellite tracking. There are now quite a number of ham radio
ports in comms, hence it would make a great deal of sense to at least
put all three into comms and co-categorise in astro.  It would also be
very useful if the Makefile or description mentioned "amateur radio" as
as the other two satellite tracking programs mention it as well.

sattrack, gpredict and predict are certainly used for other than amateur
radio i.e. anyone who needs to track a satellite, but the dual categorisation
would be useful. Having all amateur radio/hamradio ports in the same
category and labelled as such would also make it very useful for
bsd hamradio users for finding amateur radio ports.

- Diane

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