Handling automake and autoconf versions

Al.Aeefyu aeefyu at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 23:30:02 PDT 2004

Hi there!

How do I safely handle automake/autoconf versions built from ports??
Recently, some of my port builds (x11/kde3 specifically) failed
because automake and autoconf has been MOVED. Do I absolutely have to
wait for the maintainers to update the ports' Makefiles?

There are references to USE_AUTOCONF_VER=* and USE_AUTOMAKE_VER=*, but
unless I am mistaken, these are mainly useful for port maintainers

Can I override them safely, say .. modifying the Makefiles myself?

A "pkg_info -R autoconf\*" lists many versions of autoconf in my
system. Can I simply delete the unused ones? Same goes for "pkg_info
-R automake\*"

--- output follows:

[root at roxanne: ports] # pkg_info -R autoconf\*
Information for autoconf-2.53_1:

Information for autoconf-2.57_1:
Required by:

[root at roxanne: ports] # pkg_info -R automake\*
Information for automake-1.5,1:

Information for automake-1.7.9_1:
Required by:

Information for automake14-1.4.5_9:


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