hamradio cabal

Diane Bruce db at db.net
Sun Jul 4 07:00:21 PDT 2004


I think this is probably the right list to mail this to as it is referring
to a coordination effort.

We have formed informally the "hamradio cabal" consisting of
Carl Makin <carl at stagecraft.cx>, Matt Dawson <matt at mattsnetwork.co.uk>
and myself. After noting that we were duplicating effort etc. and stomping
on each others amateur radio freebsd ports.
We are using the bsd-ham mailing list at qth.net to co-ordinate efforts
at the moment. If you are interested in helping or following along
let us know. ( http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/bsd-ham )

Presently, ham radio ports are:

gpredict, grig, hamfax, hamlib, predict, thebridge, xdx, xlog, gmfsk, kpsk

Thats 10 of the 87 I see in comms.

New ports submitted and waiting approval are:

xastir, echolinux, nasawash

With aprsd soon to follow.

- Diane, VA3DB

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