[Razor-users] Release candidate: razor-agents 2.61

Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at halplant.com
Sat Jul 3 19:02:15 PDT 2004


> If some of you would try it out and confirm it works, I'll
> do a real release.

While I can't compare the relative efficiency with 2.40, razor-check
correctly identified all the recent spam I tested (which is not a fair
efficiency test since it's all old) and submission appears to be working

The new engine appears to be picked up and working:

Jul 03 21:49:53.791125 check[32078]: [ 8] Computed supported_engines: 4 8

This is running on FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE with Perl 5.8.4 from ports, with a
trivially modified mail/razor-agents port[1]. The port presumes you have
razor-agents-2.61-beta.tar.gz (nb. no -beta) in distfiles.

[1] http://halplant.com:88/software/FreeBSD/ports/razor-agents-2.61.tar

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