py-opengl port doesn't build

Mr Akbar akbar07 at
Sat Jul 3 11:10:33 PDT 2004

Good day,

As stated in the subject, py-opengl doesn't build (FreeBSD 4.9). I think 
my ports are all up to date.

Anyway, here is the error message:

src/interface_util/interface_util.c:8: syntax error before `#'
src/interface_util/interface_util.c:8: stray '\' in program
src/interface_util/interface_util.c:9: stray '\' in program
src/interface_util/interface_util.c:10: stray '\' in program
src/interface_util/interface_util.c:11: stray '\' in program
src/interface_util/interface_util.c:12: stray '\' in program
src/interface_util/interface_util.c:13: syntax error before `switch'
error: command 'cc' failed with exit status 1

This file (..interface_util.c) has all this \^M marks at the end of 
every line.

Any references or help provided would be appreciated.



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