HEADS UP: change of the default OpenLDAP version

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Fri Jul 2 11:29:15 PDT 2004

The OpenLDAP project has declared OpenLDAP 2.2 as their stable branch:


I will follow this by changing the default in bsd.port.mk to


on Friday, the 16th of July 2004

What does this mean for you?

- port maintainers should test their ports by specifying 
WANT_OPENLDAP_VER=22 on the command line when building there ports

- users and package building cluster can prepare for the switch by 
setting WANT_OPENLDAP_VER=22 in make.conf(5) or pkgtools.conf(5)

- users or production systems that don't want to follow the version 
switch can specify WANT_OPENLDAP_VER=21 in make.conf(5) or 
pkgtools.conf(5). The OpenLDAP 2.1 ports are expected to be around for 
some while, a deprecation date hasn't been set.


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