Please test new OOo 1.1.x port for FreeBSD

Nakata Maho chat95 at
Thu Jul 1 18:39:20 PDT 2004

Dear FreeBSD folks,

I made a drastic change for making procedure of OOo, namely
ports Makefiles of OOo 1.1.2 for FreeBSD.
attached file openoffice-1.1-devel.tar.gz is all what I have done.

With this port,
o setting ALL_LOCALIZED_LANGS, we build all the localized langs
  at once. it takes about 6.5h without ccache, and 2.5h with ccache
  (second build).
o setting TWEAK_L10N that touch work/.something* so that localized packages
  will be made in ONLY 5 minutes.
o Somehow, installation fails for zh-TW lang, namely dumps core, though
  manually setting up worked. I don't know see the reason. only for zh-TW :(
o I only checked with my 5.2.1-RELEASE ThinkPad T40.

PLEASE see openoffice-1.1-devel/go.csh, this will do *ALMOST EVERYTHING*
except for zh-TW.

Please test, test and test.
Any comment is extremely appreciated.

Best regards,
--nakata maho
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