New e2fsprogs port test release - testers wanted

Matthias Andree ma at
Sat Jan 31 10:14:45 PST 2004

I have a new revision 06 of the new e2fsprogs port, to be downloaded

It can now be built with make -DDISABLE_NLS to save disk space and to
overcome the gettext woes of the recent gettext updates.

Before submitting this port for inclusion in the ports tree, I'll wait
until Ted Ts'o's next snapshot which is due next week, to cut the patch

Build instructions are at that site, here's the history:

2004-01-31 rev06
      + Support make -DDISABLE_NLS
      + Bump PORTVERSION.
2004-01-30 rev05
      + Take a new inofficial snapshot of the Bitkeeper sources, now with
        configure change and SELinux fix and UUID fix.
      + Add SELinux test image to files/*
      + Bump PORTVERSION.
      + Do not use autoconf, not needed this time
      + Add sizes to distinfo
      + Bump LIB_DEPENDS to
2004-01-29 rev04
      + Tag BitKeeper date in PORTVERSION.
      + Bump PORTVERSION.
      + make *.po and *.pot files writable
      + Comment out GCC33, seems to work again on FreeBSD 4 with GCC 2.95.
2004-01-28 rev03
      + Don't fail when "make build" runs as non-root user because configure
        isn't writable. Remove it first (we need autoconf anyways to regenerate
        it). Thanks to Greg Lewis for reporting the problem.
      + Some minor rearrangements and white space removal to make portlint
2004-01-28 rev02
      + Update patch to newer BK version. Omit configure from the patch and use
        bzip2 instead of gzip to compress the patch.
      + Build e2fsck.static and either ln (if /sbin and /usr/local/sbin are in
        the same file system) or cp (otherwise) it to /sbin/fsck_ext2fs so you
        can check ext2fs file systems from /etc/fstab (this is a pkg-plist
        @exec/@unexec pair).
      + Add $PREFIX/etc/rc.d/ script that umounts ext2fs file system,
        to work around a FreeBSD 5 kernel bug.
      + Bump portversion, reset revision.

Matthias Andree

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