cvsup ports and portupgrade -rva .

Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at
Fri Jan 30 12:06:21 PST 2004


> What is the preferred method to keep the installed ports and ports trees
> synced between identical servers?

If you explicitly want to keep ports trees on multiple systems in sync,
then the canonical method is to use cvsup to update from the mirrors to a
server, then use cvs to update the clients (including the "server").

On the other hand if you only want to keep the ports themselves in sync,
then the two likely approaches are sharing the ports tree and distributing

Sharing the tree means that you can easily build and install for multiple
architectures, or for a single architecture you can update and build on
one system and install on many. I've not tried it, but I'd imaging that
something like "portupgrade --noclean --nocleanup --all" would run nicely
on the client systems.

If you don't like sharing filesystems, you can build and package on one
system (for each architecture), then distribute those packages to the
other systems.

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