big PLIST_FILES patch

Trevor Johnson trevor at
Fri Jan 30 10:45:15 PST 2004

I've noticed that many ports have just one line in their packing list.
I've made a patch to use the PLIST_FILES variable in place of most these
simple packing lists, in order to reduce the numbers of inodes and blocks
that users need to unpack the ports collection.  This patch would affect
1,217 ports.  There are 50-odd pkg-plist files that just have a comment in
them; this patch doesn't address those (I have a hunch that they could
just be removed without causing problems).

The patch is at
and the list of pkg-plist files to be removed is at
(its first line is a comment).

My intention is to ask for it to be tested on the package-building
cluster, then if all goes well, to commit it.  I'm looking here for any
suggestions or objections.  If you'd like your ports to be left out of
this, please speak up.
Trevor Johnson

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