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Tilman Linneweh tilman at
Fri Jan 30 01:15:36 PST 2004

* Eugene Ossintsev [Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 01:23:09AM +0100]:
> >> ===> x11-toolkits/py-qt failed:
> >> ldd: /nonexistentx/lib/ No such file or directory
> >> 
> >> Most recent CVS update was:
> > ..
> >> U x11-toolkits/py-qt/Makefile
> >> U x11-toolkits/py-qt/pkg-plist
> >
> > This is caused by the following line in the x11-toolkits/py-qt/Makefile:
> >
> > WITH_GL!=       ldd ${X11BASE}/lib/ | ${GREP} 'libGL' ||
> > ${TRUE}
> >
> > can only be used _after_ the install of the dependencies,
> > and thus breaks 'make describe' and INDEX.
> Well, I see. I'm sorry for my mistake. So, how can I detect automatically
> whether libqt is built with or without OpenGL? pkg-plist depends on that
> information. arved has made the change (Makefile 1.19 -> 1.20), but it
> doesn't solve the problem. The manual set of the parameter WITHOUT_OPENGL
> is rather useless without the knowledge about the Qt library build (whether
> it was built with or without OpenGL).

Well, the WITHOUT_OPENGL knob was removed from qt with the last update.
So most qt installations are with OpenGL anyway.
This knob is just for people running an old qt WITHOUT_OPENGL. 
If someone knows what he is doing he can put WITHOUT_OPENGL into his 
Of course your solution would have been extra clever, but it was too clever
for "make index".

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