gettext versions mess

Leonid Mocofan leonid at
Thu Jan 29 22:34:39 PST 2004


I have a problem with the gettext version 0.13
I updated my ports sources and then I did a portupgrade -a.
It updated the the gettext port to 0.13 and moved version 0.12 to 
gettext-old. But the ports that need gettext are looking for version 0.12.
Now I cannot install gettext 0.12 because is in conflict with 0.13 and I 
cannot remove version 0.13 because there packages that depend on this one.

My problem is that I would like to install an application that needs 
gettext 0.12 and I don't want to deinstall all the application that needs 
gettext 0.13.

Any ideas how to fix this ?
Thank you,

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