SIZE criterion in distinfo

Marc van Woerkom marc.vanwoerkom at
Wed Jan 28 22:07:45 PST 2004

Hi porters,

I just see there is a new criterion in distinfo:

   root at oranje# cat distinfo
   MD5 (xcdplayer-2.2.tar.Z) = d5d1d86abc4a0f5e2ea99a40ee63f98d
   SIZE (xcdplayer-2.2.tar.Z) = 89435

May I ask the rationale behind adding SIZE?

According to

("3.2 Step 2. Append Length") the size of the input data
is used in the calculation of the MD5 hash.

In other words, if a fetched file has a different file length,
than the original file, it will for sure have a different MD5

So what is the benefit to have that SIZE checked?


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