David Benfell benfell at
Wed Jan 28 11:43:06 PST 2004

Hello all,

I noticed a couple oddities about Perl on FreeBSD which don't seem to
be present on other platforms.  These apply both to the system and
port versions of Perl.

1) File::Copy doesn't seem to work properly.  Until I rebuilt Perl
from source via CPAN, bypassing the port, I was getting an error that
indicated it couldn't find the move subroutine.  Move is one of the
functions provided by File::Copy.

2) There are no man pages.

My solution has been to overwrite the FreeBSD port installation of
Perl with the installation from CPAN, and now all seems to be working
properly and I have my precious man pages.  So the FreeBSD folks are
doing something different -- what's up?

David Benfell, LCP
benfell at
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