FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE ports problem...

Dirk Meyer dirk.meyer at
Wed Jan 28 07:05:49 PST 2004

Hallo Andreas Lindström,

> I am running FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE and have gotten the latest ports distro 
> that includes apache 1.3.29 with mod_ssl 2.8.16 
> (/usr/ports/www/apache13-mod_ssl/), the problem i have is that the patches 
> for this particular port wont be installed correctly. (and that the make of 
> the port is terminated)
> Is this a known problem or something that is specific for 4.9-RELEASE, 
> and... any suggestions on how to fix this?

No,  Please tell me what your options are,
and the patch-file that is failing.

you may have stale files, in doubt
 rm -rf /usr/ports/www/apache13-mod_ssl
and cvsup your ports tree agin.

kind regards Dirk

- Dirk Meyer, Im Grund 4, 34317 Habichtswald, Germany
- [dirk.meyer at],[dirk.meyer at],[dinoex at]

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