ports/49955: [PATCH] bsd.port.mk: add target to automatically install port documentation

Sergei Kolobov sergei at kolobov.com
Tue Jan 27 08:02:53 PST 2004

(cc'd to ports@ to get a broader feedback)

On 2004-01-25 at 17:13 -0500, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> Was this taken care of in eik's PORTDOCS work?

No - PORTDOCS was created with a different goal, I think.

To summarize:

PORTDOCS dramatically reduces pkg-plist size in case
there are a lot of files and/or subdirs under DOCSDIR.
For example, PORTDOCS=*.

My patch (let's call it DOCS) is for far more common scenario
(in my experience, at least) - there are just a few docs files
which could (and should) be listed explicitly.

I just had an idea how this two approaches be combined into
single framework:

Ports that have few doc files get this:

DOCS=		file1 file2 subdir/file3

Ports that have a lot of doc files could use this
(renamed from PORTDOCS[1]):


In both cases, you have a knob to control what's bsd.port.mk does for
you automatically:

USE_DOCS=	yes	# Does everything (see below)
USE_DOCS=	plist	# Only adds docs to final pkg-plist
USE_DOCS=	install	# Only installs files to ${DOCSDIR},
			# you will need to list the files in pkg-plist
			# explicitly
USE_DOCS=	all	# Alias to USE_DOCS=yes

Then, USE_DOCS=yes could be made a default if DOCS or DOCS_GLOB is

.if defined(DOCS) || defined(DOCS_GLOB)
USE_DOCS?=	yes

If this approach is feasible, I'll submit a patch.


[1] I think DOCS is a better variable name than PORTDOCS:
    DOCS is in line with MAN1 - MAN9, INFO, etc.
    We all know it's a variable is inside port's Makefile,
    so "PORT" prefix is kind of superfluous (sp?).
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