graphics/aqsis problems

Igor Pokrovsky tiamat at
Tue Jan 27 04:15:58 PST 2004


I'm going to update port graphics/ayam to use aqsis as it's renderer.
However when I'm trying to compile any sample shader with aqsl, it 
hangs. I've got a backtrace after interrupting aqsl:

#0  0x282bd660 in __sys_poll () from /usr/lib/
#1  0x282bcb45 in _thread_kern_sched_state_unlock () from /usr/lib/
#2  0x282bc4fa in _thread_kern_scheduler () from /usr/lib/
#3  0x0 in ?? ()

So I'm unable to update graphics/ayam until the problem with aqsis persists.

doom# uname -a
FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE #0: Mon Jan 26 19:02:19
MSK 2004     root at  i386

I can provide any additional information on request.

P.S. Please CC me, I'm not subscribed.


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