question: maintaining patch separately from ports cvs

Mohacsi Janos mohacsi at
Tue Jan 27 02:39:28 PST 2004

Dear All,
	Are there any possible way to maintain a local patch against a
certain port.
	Let's consider a following scenario:
- There is port named foo/bar that is maintained and constantly updated by
the certain maintainer of FreeBSD foo/bar port.
- Somebody wants to use the port, but a heavily modified way e.g.:
patched setup in chroot, jail environment, setup with certain
configuration defaults, that is extremely local specific

How can one achieve such scenario without interfering the FreeBSD port
system and benefiting the regular update of the port?

Best Regards,

Janos Mohacsi
Network Engineer, Research Associate
Key 00F9AF98: 8645 1312 D249 471B DBAE  21A2 9F52 0D1F 00F9 AF98

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