Please test: mplayer 1.0pre3

Simon Barner barner at
Mon Jan 26 16:16:51 PST 2004


Kris Kennaway wrote:
> With the new version, I cannot seem to pause videos with the 'space'
> key when running gmplayer.  This was a bit 'picky' under the previous
> port version: I would often have to press the key a few times to get
> it to actually stay paused, but the new one doesn't want to stay
> paused no matter how many times I do it.
> My port is built with:

I used the same cpu option (+ tons of already installed and
auto-detected gadgets), but I used the gtk1 gui, since I'm still on
-stable, where the gtk2 gui does currently not compile.

I just wanted to write that pausing videos works for me, but that's only
true for the cli version of mplayer: Also with the gtk1 gui, neither
'space' nor 'p' work.

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