Fix request for atlas-devel-3.6.0 on ia64, marked as broken

Nakata Maho chat95 at
Mon Jan 26 06:15:01 PST 2004

Hi ia64 folks,

Kris reported that math/atlas-devel is broken for ia64 (thank you
very much for kris, for your hard work).

I'm not currently interested in ia64 arch, so help is needed
from ia64 peoples.

math/atlas-devel is very important port for scientific computing,
and numerical analysis. It provides BLAS (basice linear algebra subroutines)
which is already in the port (math/blas) but *EXTREMELY* optimized.

Performance of atlas is comparable with vendor supplied ones, and
notably, this was adopted by mathematica, maple, and Apple (Mac OS X).

_I_ currently interested in i386(Pentum 4) and Opteron(amd64). this updated
port should carefully tested so now I'm testing for several environment
but my effort cannot reach at ia64 archs.

Ia64 hackers, if you think this port is important, please fix it...
otherwise, I have to mark this port as broken :(


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