Please test: mplayer 1.0pre3

Simon Barner barner at
Mon Jan 26 05:18:00 PST 2004

> > But I did not give up that fast and tried today's CVS version of mplayer,
> > and (surprise, surprise!), it worked! Finally! Without any A-V sync
> > glitches!
> That's cool! This indicates that 1.0pre4 probably will play those files
> flawlessly.

Yes, and that fact that the release name is already in CVS version of
the ChangeLog file makes me confident that might be sometimes in the
near future.
> > I was able to extract a patch from libavcodec, which fixes this issue (also
> > verified by CVS log messages from the ffmpeg/libavcodec CVS repository).
> Thanks, I'll add this patch for the pre3 port!

Unfortunatelly, this worked only with a few of my broken .ram files.
It seems, that there were also fixes in other parts of libavcodec
(mplayer even crashed with my previous patch).

I am not familiar with libavcodec absolutely non-trivial code, and I could
not learn too much from the CVS log messages which commits were related to
that realplayer problem. Thus, the solution for me is to use the whole
CVS version of libavcodec.

I uploaded a patch for you here:

Since it's quite huge, I don't know whether you want to include it into
your port. Maybe it's better to make an optional extra patch, or to wait
for 1.0pre4, although my current version of mplayer works _really_ nice.

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