Recursive make speedup patch

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sun Jan 25 17:04:07 PST 2004

On Sun, 2004-01-25 at 19:08, Kris Kennaway wrote:
> The patch available at
> gives a 43% speedup for 'make index' in my testing:
> No optimization
> 1899.40 real       648.67 user      1148.96 sys
> Optimized version
> 1096.76 real       504.48 user       565.90 sys

Wow, nice job.

> The optimizations I used were:
> * Don't unconditionally include <> twice for every port;
> only do so if the port defines USE_GNOME or WANT_GNOME.  I had to
> modify a couple of ports to make this work, and I'm not 100% certain
> there are no unintended side-effects.

I've briefly looked through some of the modifications to the ports, and
they look okay.  Looks like some of these ports were misbehaved when it
came to USE_GNOME anyway.

> * 'make index' and 'make describe' use some perl code, which might be
> optimized or rewritten (e.g. replaced by an awk script, which would
> have the further benefit of working out of the box on 5.x).

I was planning on redoing some of the Perl per my email to you on that
old PR.  However, I can look at an awk rewrite as well.

> I have not yet tried a port build with these patches - I'd be most
> concerned about the inclusion change.  Please let me know
> if you run into any problems.

I'll take a closer look, and I'll be sure to include this in the next
4-exp build.


> Kris
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