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Sat Jan 24 07:47:08 PST 2004

You can use pkg_add -r or you can download the latest ports tree.
All ports/packages that are availible do not come on the CD, as we have
close to 10,000 active ports.

you might try "pkg_add -r msn-py"
if that doesnt work go on the ftp and find the exact name of the package.

downloading the latest ports tree will be useful if you are going to install
many applications.  This is all detailed at .

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I wanted to install msn-py (text version of msn for python), it shows up
in the portlist on the www pages, but not in the portlist of sysinstall.
I use freebsd 5.x-stable.
Cause i'm a newbie on *nix, i have no idear how to install het now. Can
you help me with that?

There is also another text client of msn.. Called Pebrot.
Is there a port of that programme or can there made a port of that

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