FreeBSD Port: qmail-scanner-1.20

Brian bcook-dated-1074979506.97d05b at
Thu Jan 22 13:27:18 PST 2004


I'm not sure what I'm missing.. but here's what I can see.

I had previously installed qmail-scanner from tar.gz, and it was in 
/var/qmail/bin now the file is in /usr/local/bin; no problem.

I've adjusted the QMAILQUEUE path to reflect the new binary and well.. 
the logs are still going to the old place.


I've shut down daemontools even and restarted and it seemed to make no 
difference at all.

Is this the correct logging place? /var/spool/qmailscanner ?

I've made these changes via /etc/make.conf:

# Qmail-scanner
QMAILSCAN_ADMIN=postmaster at

I thank you for taking the time to read this.


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