Maintainership request: Grub

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Thu Jan 22 11:34:48 PST 2004

Sergey Matveychuk wrote:

> I've sent this email to grub maintainer (jedgar at but he's 
> rejected it because "all russians are spammers":
> The Postfix program
> <jedgar at>: host[] said: 554 
> <sem at>:
>     Sender address rejected: All .ru blocked due to extensive dictionary
>     attacks
> So, I dirrect it here. (Can somebody resend it to jedgar@ if he doesn't 
> read this maillist?)
> ----------------------------------
> Hello.
> I start a work on grub. One of goals is to make Grub UFS2 compliant.
> It will be convenient if I could take a maintainership on FreeBSD Grub 
> port.
> What do you think?

I've got a real problem with people who make silly decisions about who 
they'll accept mail from. Honestly, some of the RBLs (they weren't the 
problem in this case) are as big an Internet pest as the spammers that 
they try so hard to fight against.

Anyhow, what's the point in blocking all .ru email addresses? All .ru 
hostnames would be *less* stupid.

It's hardly all in the spirit of international co-operation is it?


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