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LarsKöller lars.koeller at
Tue Jan 20 22:29:10 PST 2004


In reply to ian j hart who wrote:
> You are listed as maintainer of sysutils/apcupsd.
> The addition of files/patch-configure-internal-libgd seems to break the build for me.
> Can you confirm/deny?

Sorry, I didn't have these problems, and I can't imageine the patch is 
responsible for this, cause it only sets an variable to not use a 
system libgd.

The linker complains about libintl.

At the moment I can't reproduce this (I have tested the port before 
commit on two machines (server/client at home) and yesterday at work.

No problems at all.

Alas I didn't have the time to further investigate this (before 



PS: Please move the new patch away and try agein. The only difference 
    is that if configure finds an /usr/local/lib/libgd... it will use 
    this insted of the internal one which is statically linked.

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