FPC Base Units: I need someone to take on these PR's

John Merryweather Cooper johnmary at adelphia.net
Wed Jan 14 23:00:48 PST 2004

Now that lang/fpc no longer installs just a pre-compiled binary, etc., 
I've broken it down into smaller parts.  Could someone please be 
assigned/look at these PR's?  They constitute the base libraries for 
lang/fpc.  I'm not going to add the extra libraries or the ide until 
these get committed in some form.


o [2004/01/09] ports/61113	[NEW PORT] databases/fpc-odbc
o [2004/01/09] ports/61114	[NEW PORT] databases/fpc-oracle
o [2004/01/09] ports/61116	[NEW PORT] databases/fpc-postgres
o [2004/01/09] ports/61118	[NEW PORT] devel/fpc-gdbint
o [2004/01/09] ports/61119	[NEW PORT] devel/fpc-regexpr
o [2004/01/09] ports/61120	[NEW PORT] net/fpc-inet

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