[RFC] Apache-related ports changes

Clement Laforet sheepkiller at cultdeadsheep.org
Wed Jan 14 12:24:37 PST 2004

Hi !

I finished today to apache21 (2.1.0-rc1) port (i.e. it's ready for
commit, sync'd with apache2 one).
We will have 3 major versions of apache in our ports tree. We have, at
least, 90 modules ported, and a lot are pending on my own tree.
I think it's time (even if it's a too late for 5.3) to make changes to
provide a better way to deal with future modules imports.

I propose :

1. Adopting a "directory naming" convention
   Currently, we don't have any naming convention, so some ports for
   apache2 with a "2" suffix or wihtout one.
   I think we should adopt what NetBSD did in pkgsrc, i.e. using an
   apache major version prefix.
   Since modules API is not fully compatible with apache2 and apache21
   we should consider different prefixes for apache2 and apache21,
   i.e. <prefix>-<module-name> where <prefix> can be:
	ap-   : the module works, at least, with apache13 and apache2
	ap13- : the works only with apache13
	ap2-  : the module works with apache2 and apache21
	ap20  : the module works only with apache20
	ap21  : the module works only with apache21
2. Checking if all apache13/apache2-apache21 layouts are in sync
   We need to be sure that all apache ports follows to same layout to
   provides an efficient way to deal with them.
   When I use "layout", I means "files and directory localtion".
   I'd also appreciate that apache13 ports have the same knobs.

3. Adding a Mk/bsd.apache.mk
   I'm currently working on it, and I hope I can finish it soon.
   For the moment are planned:
	- apache version/port detection
	- "quick" build based on apxs
	- autogeneration of CONFLICTS
	- maybe modules selection like apache2/Makefile.modules
	- and more...

Schedule (if portmgr team approves)
   1. [0] Syncing all apache ports layout
      + www/apache21 commit
      + I test all apache2 modules with apache21
   2. [+15d] Adopting new naming convention
      All previous modules are repo-copied
      www/apache2 -> www/apache20
      ------- 5.3 ports freeze -------
   3. Import lightweight version of bsd.apache.mk
   (only USE_APACHE + detection)
   4. Converting all modules we can to new bsd.apache.mk routines.

As usual feedback is welcome...


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