kronolith also works with newest stable pgsql under freebsd after applying the following kronolith.pgsql

Fritz Heinrichmeyer Fritz.Heinrichmeyer at
Wed Jan 14 04:00:38 PST 2004

drop table kronolith_events;
drop sequence kronolith_events_seq;
create sequence kronolith_events_seq;

CREATE TABLE kronolith_events (
    event_id bigint 
      not null default nextval('public.kronolith_events_seq'::text),
    calendar_id VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    event_description TEXT,
    event_location TEXT,
    event_keywords TEXT,
    event_exceptions TEXT,
    event_title VARCHAR(80),
    event_category VARCHAR(80),
    event_recurtype VARCHAR(11) DEFAULT '0',
    event_recurinterval VARCHAR(11),
    event_recurdays VARCHAR(11),
    event_recurenddate timestamp,
    event_start timestamp,
    event_end timestamp,
    event_alarm INT DEFAULT 0,
    event_modified INT NOT NULL,

    PRIMARY KEY (event_id)

CREATE INDEX kronolith_calendar_idx ON kronolith_events (calendar_id);

GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON kronolith_events TO horde;

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