HEADS UP: Changes to bsd.gnome.mk

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at FreeBSD.org
Tue Jan 13 09:45:04 PST 2004

In the spirit of full disclosure, and as a service to porters, here is a
list of what's new in bsd.gnome.mk.

* There is now a new intlhack component that should be used with ports
that use intltool-0.28 or higher.  This hack makes intltool-merge Perl
5.005-safe, as well has teaches those ports where to find the
OrigTree.pm Perl module.

* There is a new gstreamerplugins component for ports that use
gstreamer-plugins.  This takes the place of the explicit LIB_DEPENDS on
gstreamer-plugins, and is highly recommended as it can fix some build
problems in GNOME 2.5.

* There is a new lthack component that should be used along with
USE_LIBTOOL.  It takes the place of the standard GNOME patch-configure:

--- configure.orig      Wed Dec 11 18:31:51 2002
+++ configure   Thu Dec 12 12:07:17 2002
@@ -7414,6 +7414,7 @@
 # This can be used to rebuild libtool when needed
+$ac_aux_dir/ltconfig $LIBTOOL_DEPS
 # Always use our own libtool.
 LIBTOOL='$(SHELL) $(top_builddir)/libtool'

There are new Python components, pygtk, pygnome, pygtk2, and pygnome2. 
They take the place of their respective {BUILD,RUN}_DEPENDS.

* There is no longer a gnomeaudio target.  It has been obsoleted.  If
you need to depend on audio/gnomeaudio2, you should do so explicitly.

If you have any questions on porting apps using the GNOME porting
infrastructure, please see
http://www.freebsd.org/gnome/docs/porting.html, or ping us at
freebsd-gnome at freebsd.org.


Joe Marcus Clarke
FreeBSD GNOME Team	::	marcus at FreeBSD.org
gnome at FreeBSD.org
FreeNode / #freebsd-gnome

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