UID conflict: Both database/firebird and net/quagga apeear to use UID 90

Olivier Tharan olive at oban.frmug.org
Mon Jan 12 15:55:19 PST 2004

* Tillman Hodgson <tillman at seekingfire.com> (20040112 16:09):
> To clarify, I meant that there should be a way to automatically catch
> the ports that /don't/ follow that process. It could be added as one of
> the build checks for the automatic port building machines.

A quick survey of the ports tree follows. Note: I may have made mistakes
while searching, and did not check if PRs are already registered for
these ports.

- astro/setiathome requires a 'setiathome' user but does not seem to
  create one

- audio/daapd uses 'daapd' (not registered)
- audio/teamspeak_server uses a 'teamspeak' user (not registered)

- biology/distribfold uses 'dnetfold' (not registered)

- chinese/firebird uses user bbs (9999), group bbs (99), not registered

- comms/gnokii uses group 'gnokii' (how does one register a gid?)

- databases/dbXML uses user/group 'dbxml' (4080), not registered
- databases/msql uses uid 87, reserved for the qmails user, and should
  use uid 98 (isn't this port doomed to deletion?)
- databases/rdfdb uses uid 71, reserved for the oracle user

- devel/distcc creates distcc/distcc, not reserved

- dns/noip creates user/group 'noip' (not registered)

- games/atitd creates user/group 'atitd', not reserved
- games/conquest creates group 'conquest', not reserved
- games/quakeserver creates user 'quakerun', not reserved

- irc/hybserv creates a user 'hybserv' with uid 73 but this is already
- irc/ircd-hybrid-ru uses uid 6667 but a uid is already reserved for the
  irc user

- mail/cyrus-imapd2 creates the 'cyrus' user, but does not force the
- mail/dovecot creates users/groups 'dovecot' and 'dovecot-auth' (not
- mail/ecartis creates user/group 'ecartis' (not registered)
- mail/pop3vscan creates user 'pop3vscan' (not registered)
- mail/postfix creates user/group 'postfix' and group 'maildrop' (not
- mail/postfix-current: same as mail/postfix
- mail/postfix1: same as mail/postfix
- mail/qmail-scanner uses uid 98 (reserved for msql)
- mail/sympa creates user 'sympa', uid 1025 (not registered)

- misc/afbackup tries to create user 'afbackup' (chooses an unused uid
  >= 100), not registered
- misc/dnetc creates user/group 'dnetc' (not registered)
- misc/linux-opengroupware creates user 'ogo', group 'skyrix' (not

- net/AquaGaatekeeper creates user/group 'agk', uid/gid 172 (not
- net/cacti creates user/group 'cacti' (not registered)
- net/cricket creates user 'cricket' / group 'www' (user not registered)
- net/cvsup-mirror asks the user for the names of the user to create
  (not a bad thing?)
- net/gini creates user/group 'gini' (not registered)
- net/ifgraph creates user/group 'ifgraph' (not registered)
- net/iog creates user 'iog' (not registered)
- net/jabber creates user 'jabber'; it is registered now, so it should
  make use of uid 93.
- net/linux-edonkey-server creates user/group 'edonkey2000' (not
- net/nagios creates user/group 'nagios' (not registered)
- net/netsaint creates user/group 'netsaint' (not registered)
- net/nocatauth-gateway creates user 'nocat', uid 181 (not registered)
- net/nocatauth-server: cf net/nocatauth-gateway
- net/nocatsplash: cf net/nocatauth-gateway
- net/nrpe creates user/group 'nagios' (not registered)
- net/quagga creates user/group 'quagga' (not registered)
- net/satellite creates user 'satellite' (not registered)
- net/spread creates user/group 'spread' (not registered)

- security/amavisd creates user/group 'vscan', not registered
- security/authpf uses gid authpf/63, not registered
- security/clamav-devel creates user/group 'clamav', not registered
- security/hunch creates user/group 'hunch', not registered
- security/sfs uses user 'sfs', uid 71, already reserved for oracle
- security/stunnel creates user/group 'stunnel', not registered

- sysutils/ganglia-monitor-core creates user/group 'ganglia', uid 97,
  already reserved for mud

- www/moinmoin creates user/group 'moinmoin', uid 192 (not registered)
- www/oops creates user 'oops', not registered
- www/rt3 creates group 'rt', not registered

On a side note:

- mail/mailgraph assigns a shell (/bin/sh) to the 'www' user, which may
  not be desirable.

- security/cyrus-sasl(2) is a very good example: it uses a registered
  uid/gid if not overridden by the installer. If the uid is already
  taken, it tries the following uid.


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