UID conflict: Both database/firebird and net/quagga apeear to use UID 90

Chris Knight chris at e-easy.com.au
Mon Jan 12 15:22:09 PST 2004


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> Subject: Re: UID conflict: Both database/firebird and 
> net/quagga apeear to use UID 90
> * Mon, 12 Jan 2004 09:48:32 CST - Tillman Hodgson:
> | This makes using devel/fpc (which has firebird as a dependency)
> | on a box running quagga rather interesting.
> |
> | What's the standard way to handle cases like this? I thought of
> | filing a probabably PR, but defining the problem seemed
> | difficult: which port needs to migrate? To what UID? How will
> | the existing installations handle the change?
> Well, someone has to change :-)  I'd say whoever had the UID 
> first gets to keep it.  It's really up to the two maintainers 
> (cc:'d).  Whatever the result, the UID chosen should be 
> documented here:
I requested a UID and GID (90) for firebird years ago (before
the smmsp assignment), but nothing happened. That's why the
UID/GID assignment code likes to start with 90, but will assign
the next highest UID/GID that it finds free.
If someone will give me an assigned UID/GID, that would be good.
I would then update the UID/GID assignment code to start with
this value, but still look for the next highest unassigned

> If we keep all the UIDs documented there, we should'd have 
> the problem of people adding a new port with a duplicate UID. 
>  I'm sure there are a ton of ports that add users with UIDs 
> that are _not_ documented there; we should probably fix that 
> as we come across them.
> --pete

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