FWbuilder/Libfwbuilder compile crash.

heikki soerum heikkis at student.matnat.uio.no
Mon Jan 12 03:11:15 PST 2004

Sorry to bother people here, but it seems that the
"ports/security/libfwbuilder" port doesn't seem to compile
cleanly on Fbsd-4.9-Stable and Fbsd-5.2-release.
Both ports require the *exact* aclocal from automake-1.5,3.
GNU automake-1.7 or GNU automake-1.4 will crash the compilation.
Unfortunately, if you run portupgrade -a it will upgrade the
GNU automake-1.5,3 to GNU automake-1.7, and the dependants listed in the
libfwbuilder port Makefile doesn't specify this exact version of
GNU-automake needed.
I'm not even sure if it's possible to specify what version of
GNU-automake an port is depending on. :|

As I can se it there are two solutions, either the
"ports/security/libfwbuilder" needs to be updated to work with
gnu-automake-1.7(elegant but it might need major patch-work
on the libfwbuilder source.)
Or the /usr/ports/security/libfwbuilder/Makefile can be updated to
specify exactly that it needs GNU automake-1.5. (simple but a bit

Or I'm just blowing in the wind and is having an userland error, but
having tried to make the port work in about an week now I'm at least
tossing the ball to the mailinglist for som feedback.

Please CC me any answers to the mailinglist since I'm not an

Heikki Soerum.

"Throughout history it has been the inaction of those who could
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