portsdb -Uu runs clean - good job

Richard Coleman richardcoleman at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 11 13:54:53 PST 2004

After cvsup'ing the ports tree, I always do the command "portsdb -Uu" to 
synchronize the files INDEX and INDEX.db.  Usually there are a few 
complaints and warnings about various ports with broken dependencies, 
etc.  It's usually just a few, so it's not a big deal.

Today, when I ran this command, it ran COMPLETELY free of complaints and 
warnings.  This is the first time I've seen this.  The ports tree has 
really improved in cleanliness over the last few months.  I commend 
everyone has has worked on this.  With over 10,000 ports, that's very 

Of course, now that I've said this, a new commit will come in and upset 
the balance :-)

Richard Coleman
richardcoleman at mindspring.com

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