Please reserve UID/GID for bacula port

LarsKöller Lars at
Sat Jan 10 13:42:51 PST 2004

Hi all,

In reply to Mathieu Arnold who wrote:

>Maybe a simple pkg-{,de}install like this :
>pkg-install :
>case "$2" in
>        echo "# Bacula port start
>bacula-dir      9101/tcp   #Bacula director daemon
>bacula-fd       9102/tcp   #Bacula file daemon
>bacula-sd       9103/tcp   #Bacula storage daemon
># Bacule port end" >> /etc/services
>pkg-deinstall :
>case "$2" in
>        sed -e '/# Bacula port start/,/# Bacule port end/{' \
>            -e 'd' \
>            -e '}' /etc/services > $TMPFILE
>        mv -f $TMPFILE /etc/services
>        ;;
>and add a :
>                @${SETENV} ${INSTALL_ENV} ${SH} ${PKGINSTALL} ${PKGNAME}
>to the Makefile.

I like this idea. I will try to include this in the make plus a check 
if the lines are already in /etc/services.

Thanks to all for the replys 

Lars Köller
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