lang/fpc-devel, my first port

Marco van de Voort marcov at
Fri Jan 9 16:16:24 PST 2004


I'm trying to make a port for the development branch of lang/fpc, which I named fpc-devel
(this is the beta series for the next major version, 2.0). I came pretty far, but I didn't advance
one little bit in the last few hours, so time to get help :-)

The fpc-devel branch nearly completes FPC's Delphi compability, including
default params, dyn arrays, interfaces and implements the fundaments for a
multi arch computer (powerpc runs, Sparc says hello world)

content of the portsdir:

The port does a build from source, it downloads the above tarball (+/- 12 MB) that contains:

- FPC 1.9.2 sources.			( work/fpc after extract)
- two static binaries needed for bootstrapping.  ( work/cmdlinecomp)
- Docs in PDF format.			( work/docs)
- One sample configfile			( work/fpc.cfg)
	($prefix specific stuff appended by the port's makefile)

I've only one problem left, I have %%PORTVERSION%% 's in pkg-plist, and 
when deinstalling this variable doesn't expand.  I copied it from the "stable" fpc port 
by John M. Cooper.

The port isn't very tested yet (just did it today), and I'm no real
scripting/pmake wizard either, so if somebody would have a look what the
problem is, and what else I did wrong, then I'd appreciate it :)

P.s. Some directories might not match exactly the desired BSD layout, but it
comes close enough I think. 

This is all by design though, most of the port is installed by the target
systems own makefiles. So the main port doesn't use install_xxx. I hope to
remedy somewhat for the next beta version (1.9.4) on the FPC makefile
generator side.

It could be fixed for 1.9.2 too by installing to dummy prefix, and then
redistributing it with INSTALL_XXX, but it would increase discspace, and I
don't want to spend the time for a relatively short lived beta anyway.

Anyway, thnks in advance. 

Marco van de Voort

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