Where is FreeBSD going?

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at gmx.net
Fri Jan 9 14:22:23 PST 2004

Alexander Leidinger wrote:

> And I would like to fix libldl to not depend on .la-files on FreeBSD...
> Can someone please offer me some free time, I need some... :-)

Can't we just put a tiny tiny fraction of all those gigabytes on our cheap 
harddisks to the good use of storing .la files, save your and other porters' 
time in the process and just live with them like very other platform supported 
by libtool out there does (how did those people on Linux ever manage to store 
real data when their hdds were so full of .la files anyway?).

I'm sick and tired of this ever repeating non-topic. Chant with me: "We LIKE 
libtool archives!". Think about it. It's simply a matter of deleting a few 
words in a few places.

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