Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Fri Jan 9 08:32:48 PST 2004 defines

    CONFIGURE_TARGET?=	${MACHINE_ARCH}-portbld-freebsd${OSREL}

but porters-handbook/makefile-build.html says

    Note: If your package uses GNU configure, and the resulting
    executable file has a ``strange'' name like
    i386-portbld-freebsd4.7-appname, you will need to additionally
    override the CONFIGURE_TARGET variable to specify the target in the
    way required by scripts generated by recent versions of autoconf.
    Add the following line immediately after the GNU_CONFIGURE=yes line
    in your Makefile:


now, couple of questions:

* what is the first recent of version of autoconf to require --build=?

* what is the percentage of ports that want --build=?  (IOW, wouldn't it
  already make more sense to make that the default value in
* how about suggesting



* can't the value be decided automagically? e. g.

  CONFIGURE_TARGET!=.../configure --help|grep -Fe --build...

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