Please reserve UID/GID for bacula port

LarsKöller Lars at
Wed Jan 7 00:52:18 PST 2004

In reply to Doug Barton who wrote:

>On Mon, 5 Jan 2004, Lars Köller wrote:
>> 910 is chosen cause bacula uses the TCP ports 9101, 9102 and 9103
>> (IANA registered). Perhaps they could be included into /etc/system:
>Since every line we add to /etc/services adds expense to the various
>getportby*() functions, we only add new lines when it can be
>demonstrated that it would benefit a large percentage of our userbase.
>How many people do you think use this bacula port?

Sorry, but I can't give you a number. But I think there is no
"large percentage of our userbase" using it. Even some active FreeBSD 
user are on the bacula mailing list.

It's nice to have the ports in /etc/services when using tolls like 



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